Pictures of Mr. Fred Rogers

Pictures and Photographs I have collected of Mr Fred Rogers.  If you have others that you would like me to post please click my contact like above.  Thanks

8 Responses to Pictures of Mr. Fred Rogers

  1. Heather White says:

    Love the show always!!!

  2. Ish RIvera says:

    Love the show always too!!!

  3. Sharon Isaac says:

    I remember, when he came in and said hello boys and girls, and then sit down to change his shoe to sneakers, and changed his sweater. as a child 5, 6, 7. 8. 9. years old, I remember the warmth in his love, and is was really love, I am just thinking about, and it reached in the depth of my heart, may god bless Mr. Rogers.”
    He was a gift from god.

  4. Sharon Isaac says:

    The warmth in his voice*,

  5. Shaunte says:

    I just love and appreciate all of the fond memories and explorations I was a part of in my own imagination, thanks to the wonderful characters that made up “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.” As a parent, I wish we had more shows like this out there for our children. Imagination is in danger. There are so many “resources” out there for our children that kind of ruin it for imagination. I miss the days we played outside with minimal props and had hours of hours of bordom-free memories!!!!

  6. bryce says:

    he reminds me of mr papa and i want to be just like him

  7. Such an incredible human. I wish you had info on the photos. I love his eyes and smile. It represents such a sweet landing for me during a difficult childhood. ( wonder where the 2nd to last photo was taken. The fireplace is almost as inviting as Mr Rogers warm smile)
    143 Mr Rogers

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