Answers to Emotions

“I must be an emotional archaeologist because I keep looking for the roots of things, particularly the roots of behavior and why I feel certain ways about certain things.”

Fred Rogers

I couldn’t agree more. For me there is a constant search for answers to the logical rational of why thing are the way they are. That search for inter-self and the way we are is a eternal quest I think. That search for understanding who we are and what are purpose is a quest that in my opinion starts with understanding how you feel and what those feelings really mean. What causes one to feel anger, happiness, sadness, etc all have reasons but truly understanding the reasons and then being able to control or master the emotion is a lifelong process.  Just like Fred said you need to dig, and uncover piece by piece until you can finally put all the separate pieces together. The archaeologist is a perfect analogy for this.

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Isn’t it great that we can be so different and yet come together so well? Where you need to find the answers and the “why” I am a “just because” kind of person. I know it drives you crazy sometimes when I can’t explain to you why I feel the way I do and expect you to just accept it, but I think we are slowly learning from each other! I am learning to vocalize the why behind my emotions and you are learning to be okay with emotion for emotion’s sake! Yeah for us!

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