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“In the giving of help, a parent experiences one of the best feelings that any of us can have: that life has meaning because we are needed by someone else.  Watching a baby grow with our help tells us other things we like to feel about ourselves: that we are competent and loving.” Fred Rogers

I really enjoyed this quote. This one has multiple meanings to me right now. Being a father of a soon to be 2 year old I can appreciate both statements that my life has meaning by helping my son as well as I can feel competent and loving by doing so.  An interesting perspective I also took away from this quote is with my parents.  A couple weeks ago both of them were pretty ill, and not able to get up and do much outside.  I took the opportunity to mow my parent’s lawn for them.  However simple of a task it was and what little time it took me to actually do I felt more fulfilled by that one simple act than I do most days.  Now you could say I felt fulfilled because I was helping my sick parents, or it was because I did it without being asked to do it, but I think it was a little bit more than that.  This was a task that my father had spent many years battling me as a youth. It wasn’t until I got older that the battles weren’t so much of battles anymore.  I know how important his yard is to him.  I have seen him mow and rototill his yard over and over again just so it looked just right, even though the average person would say it looks like you just did it. In some circumstances he did just mow or till the yard a couple days ago, but to him it wasn’t in order.  The value of having a house of order has always been deeply rooted in my parents raising my brother, sister and I. It makes me think of the story of Hezekiah’s life. (Isaiah 38:1; or 2 Kings:20: 1) Hezekiah being sick had the Prophet Isaiah come to him and say ” Thus saith the LORD, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live.”  I believe my parents live by that same philosophy that you need to make sure you life both physical and spiritual are in order. I have found that to be a principle in my life that I want as well. When you help someone put something in order like my parent’s lawn, or helping my son change his clothes; where they aren’t able to so for themselves you feel that great reward. The long and short of it is I need to find more opportunities to help others. I have found this site to be a pretty amazing idea.  There you can  as they say “Reach out at to get personalized solutions to your problems and share your worldly insight with those that need your help.”. help_0.jpgWhat a great idea. If you have some time check it out.

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  1. jason says:

    I will have to check out in more depth. It’s an interesting idea as a community.

    I appreciate the idea of service as a blessing. Every time we serve we have the opportunity to gain so much more than we give. Really what we get out of it is up to us.

    Can you come and mow my lawn?

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